Trump rally in San Jose ends with protests

donald trump rally san jose

Donald Trump might be the Republican nominee for the Presidential race, but a lot of people are still not accepting the idea, so we’re not surprised anymore when we’re hearing about the events happening after his rallies. The same happened this Thursday, in San Jose, California, when protesters clashed with the businessman’s supporters.

Protests at a Trump Rally. In other news, the sky is blue

People chanting “Donald Trump has to go” and burning American flags or hats with “Make America Great Again” were just a few of the things seen outside the San Jose Convention Center, where the rally was held, says CNN Politics.

Like expected, the police had to calm things down, but their intervention wasn’t that effective, leading to arrests after the rally. There wasn’t any property damage, unlike previous Trump rallies, but an officer was assaulted instead.

After the protesters started splitting in multiple groups, some of them still wanted to make their message heard, holding signs reading “We need socialism” and “A vote for Trump is a vote for fascism”.

Will it be like this until November?

Such incidents have become usual during Donald Trump’s rallies, so what happened at San Jose is not a surprise anymore, as the Republican is one of the most criticized nominees in the party’s history.

As for Hillary Clinton, she responded to the events that happened after Trump’s rally, through campaign chairman John Podesta, who condemned reports of violence, on Twitter. “Violence against supporters of any candidate has no place in this election,” he said.