Trump Signs Pledge Ruling Out Third-Party Run


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has signed a pledge that he would not wage to a third party in case his bid becomes unsuccessful during the nomination stage. “I have signed the pledge,” Trump said on Thursday from his New York City business headquarters.

Trump also added that he would be standing by the Republican Party and the conservative principles for which it stands.  The pledge was designed by the Republican National Committee to pressure Mr. Trump to rule any possibilities of independent candidacy which might rake havoc during the race to White House next fall.

Trump Image

A poll released on Tuesday shows an easy Hillary Clinton win against both Donald Trump and Jeb Bush in a three way race. In the poll Clinton was at 42 percent, Trump at 27 percent and the former Florida governor Jeb Bush came third at 23 percent.

During the first debate Trump said that he would not back a Republican candidate if he misses out during the nominations. The crowd booed him and he insisted that he wasn’t ready to make such a commitment. Since then Trump has acknowledged that he has been treated with great respect by the officials at the Republican National Committee.