Trump soars in popularity as he promises to restore the American dream


Donald Trump currently has his face all over the news for all sorts of reason. Recently, he received large scale criticism on his press release as he sought for a ban on Muslims entering the United State of America. His assertions as the days go by seem to keep getting offensive, with some cheering him on and many others bashing him. One thing is certain still, he’s in the limelight.
Many have wondered why he is so popular despite the seeming sneering comments. His stance and comments have made it so.
‘Our country is in serious trouble. We don’t have victories anymore. We need a leader that can bring our jobs, manufacturing and bring back our military. The fact is the American dream is dead and if I win, I will bring it back!’ This is one of the major remarks that have endeared him to the hearts of Americans.
He has always been vocal about issues that have always been swept under the rug. The dissolution of the American dream, the reduced wages for longer working hours and the current spate of the economy bring sadness to the people.
While other presidential candidates’ are talking various reforms, tax policies, health and all that ‘gibberish,’ Donald Trump seems to understand the anger in the hearts of the average American and he fuels it.
He is seen as raw, straight and brave! All steps towards the restoration of the American dream, as he claimed is what is connecting him to the deeply patriotic hearts of Americans.