Trump Tries To Trip Up Ben Carson


Trump Tries To Trip Up Ben Carson

It didn’t take long for GOP frontrunners Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson to come to a head and it appears Trump has struck the first blow.

Trump focused the critical political spotlight on Dr. Carson and his views, past and present on abortion. It’s a hot button topic and Trump knew it would grab him headlines but it’s too early in the race to delve into such criticism as both men are neck and neck in the polls.

Trump went for the jugular pointing out that decades ago Dr. Carson did make a statement that he would support an abortion, better yet, refer a patient toward an abortion solution had the patient’s fetus become grossly deformed. Carson has avoided and stated he’d not said such a thing but when it came to light that he did, he backpedaled.

The abortion issue is still a staple of the GOP agenda. Catholics are still in conflict with the procedure but the Vatican and other religious groups have adamantly stated that such a procedure is a wrong. Carson must now make clear what he really means as both a medical professional and a civic leader. He’s either pro-choice or he is not.

Trump obviously knew his comments about Carson would put the good doctor on the hot seat and it has, but it also has put Trump on the hot seat regarding his views. Neither man can afford to alienate a massive chunk of the GOP rank and file and this is an issue that should have remained on the back burner while far more pressing issues are at hand.

Not to say this is a dirty trick on Trump’s part, but it’s a tasteless one.

Now it’s time for Carson to go on the offensive. His people are probably still digging up dirt on Trump just in case, and it looks like Trump knows it. He’s ready for any attack and has shown even if the criticism is legitimate, his comic retorts, quick wit, and carnival like avoidance can turn such an attack into a positive one.

Trump knows he’s a blowhard. That’s part of his appeal. Carson is more soft spoken but unlike former President of the US Teddy Roosevelt, he’s yet to come out with a big stick.

The tussling will only heat up until the nomination, but Trump needn’t push so hard. Carson, well meaning as he is, has continuously emitted statements that indicate a delusional view of reality. Sooner or later he’ll bust out with a comical and controversial comment that will shake the rafters and push him back further of the pack. Add to that, the other candidates aren’t going to let him run Scott free. As the deadline approaches, this huge group of GOP candidates will be fighting it out and whoever is on top is going to have to fend for themselves.