Trump vs Illegal Immigration: Trump Is Winning


Trump vs Illegal Immigration: Trump Is Winning

A new poll shows that of the GOP frontrunner presidential candidates, the public believes by an overwhelming margin, that Donald Trump has the best and most effective stance on illegal immigration.

Even among the independents who lean toward the right, feel that Trump has the answers and he leaves the rest of the GOP pack very far behind.

Trump has taken a no-nonsense approach to illegal immigration with extreme solutions as for mass deportations, canelation of birthright babies, and more. The Republicans are getting hardlined and although they want the Hispanic votes, they’re ignoring them in favor of taking a harsh stand, and Trump has the numbers that say should he become president, he’d win the illegal immigration battle hands down.

This would be the largest move of civilians in recent human history. Trump would have to initiate a workforce of a million or so to seek out and detain and deport millions of people who are ingrained with society. People who own homes even though illegal, some in military service, prisons, children, old people, infirmed, disabled. He’d have to scrounge every nook and cranny of the American land mass to extract all these people and it’s going to cost billions.

Most if the illegals work in services. How will Trump hope to replace these workers who are highly skilled at what they do especially in the food services industries? Industry across the board would come to a standstill if there were mass deportations, organized illegal immigrant gangs would engage in terrorist acts to maintain the lines of support for illegal drug trafficking. Billions of dollars to and fro the US and the illegal immigrant home countries would end up in turmoil, but at the end of the day, Trump would win.

It’s going to be a brutal thing to watch should Trump win the presidency. He has stated that he’d initiate a safe and humane deportation system, but reality says otherwise. There will be protests, riots, terrorist acts. There’s no getting around it and Trump would be empowered to declare martial law in hotspots around the country, just what the Republican hardliners want.

It does look gloom and doom for the situation, however, cooler heads may prevail with an opportunity for the government to turn the situation into a bonanza of revenue but that would take a special act regarding cooperation with foreign governments but that cooperation would mean the dismantling of the criminal drug and corruption of Central and South America, which isn’t likely to happen anytime soon.

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