Trump’s legal team, to decide Jared Kushner’s future

jared kushner

Donald Trump’s decision to offer his son-in-law Jared Kushner a position in the White House caused a lot of controversy, even though the president’s habit of working only with people very close to him was no secret.

However, according to The Washington Post, a group of White House lawyers urged Mr. Kushner to step down from his role, amid a probe into whether Trump’s campaign coordinated with Russia in 2016.

He shouldn’t be there

Specifically, lawyers believe that the presence of his son-in-law, who is currently occupying a position as a senior adviser, could lead to legal complications for the President. Also, the probe could’ve limit Jared Kushner’s ability to do his job properly.

During the 2016 campaign, he had a lot of interactions with Russian officials, the same thing happening in the transition period. Eventually, the White House lawyers warned that such encounters, as well as discussions between him and Trump can lead to additional scrutiny.

It looks like the debate took place somewhere in July, but the idea to force Jared Kushner’s departure was eventually rejected. Also, this Monday, White House Ty Cobb released an official statement, in order to clarify the situation.

But were the efforts to make him leave justified?

“Those whose agendas were and remain focused on sabotaging him and his family for misguided personal reasons are no longer around,” he said. “All clandestine efforts to undermine him never gained traction.”

However, he declined to say which staffers were trying to undermine the President’s son-in-law, despite calling them “trusted, competent, selfless and intelligent advisers.”

As for other people familiar with the matter’s opinion, they said that Kushner being present in the White House would eventually attract risks that were logical discussion topics for the legal team.