U.S seeks Pope Francis’ help


There has been talks of Obama’s administration seeking help from pope Francis to help in their quest of trying to get three of their prisoners in Iraq released.
Politico reported that both United States and Vatican have held talk in recent months because of the prisoners. Pope Francis however will visit America this week but it is yet to be seen if the prisoners issue will come up.
Pope Francis whom so many people as been acknowledging for his ability to mend broken bonds between people and countries after calling both leaders of America and Cuba to mend the relations between their respective countries and also to trying to mend relations between Iran and America.
The talks of the imprisoned Americans as over shadowed the talks of the Iran nuclear deal. With the nuclear deal however about to be done the fate of the prisoners is yet to be known as Iran continues to have Christian pastor Saeed Abedini, former Marine Amir Hekmati and Washington post journalist Jason Rezaian in there custody and hold them under what is called bogus charges by their supporters.
Source:Fox news