U.S to increase airstrikes against Islamic State in Syria and Irak

airstrikes against the islamic state

U.S Military decided to ramp up airstrikes against ISIS after a period of several weeks in which attacks against Islamic State were slowed down, said a senior U.S. military official in the Middle East, quoted by The Wall Street Journal.

U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen. Charles Brown Jr. told reporters on the sidelines of the biannual Dubai International Air Chiefs Conference on Saturday that attacks on Islamic State fighters should intensify in the next few weeks.

The results are finally appearing

“There was a little bit of a lull after a busy July and August. Poor weather and a lack of movement of Islamic State forces on the ground hampered the ability to find and attack targets. We are starting to see movement now”, said Lt. Gen. Brown Jr., according to the same source.

A part of the press questioned if this slowdown of U.S. airstrikes had something to do with the fact that Russia took very serious its new role in Syria and launched its own airstrikes. Gen. Brown Jr. wanted to clarify things and said that this had “nothing to do” with the U.S. efforts. Last month, U.S and Russia signed an agreement meant to reduce the risk of accidents between aircraft from the two countries.

The job must be done!

The document signed contains specific safety protocols for aircrews to follow, says The Wall Street Journal. “We are going to fly where we need to fly to get the job done.”, completed Lt. Gen. Brown Jr. his statement, hinting that the two countries will coordinate their strikes against the Islamic State, in order to avoid being in the same airspace.

Besides missions in Syria and Iraq to overcome the Islamic State, U.S is also supporting he Saudi Arabia-led coalition undertaking airstrikes in Yemen, providing intelligence and tanker support, said Lt. Gen. Brown Jr.