Voters believe that the media is against Donald Trump

donald trump on biased media

Not once has Donald Trump said that the media is currently biased against him and doing everything to put him and his campaign in a negative light. Surprisingly or not, most voters, and not just those who are supporting him, share the same opinion, according to a poll conducted by Associated Press and GfK, cited by The Washington Post.

Supporters are apparently believing this as well

56 percent of likely voters consider that the media is biased against Donald Trump, while 5 percent think that it’s indeed biased, but in his favor. Finally, 37 percent say the coverage is pretty much balanced, giving both candidates the same amount of attention.

“The majority of the coverage is very biased — some of the stuff Clinton has done doesn’t even get reported on,” said Julius Villarreal, a 32-year-old Trump supporter from Houston.

Speaking about Donald Trump’s supporters, 87% of them believe that the media is indeed against their favorite, while Hillary Clinton’s supporters share them same thought. However, their percentage is smaller, as sixty percent of Democratic supporters don’t think there is such thing as a bias.

“Hey, it’s record-setting bad treatment, what I’m getting,” Trump said this Tuesday, on ABC’s “Good Morning America”. “It’s the greatest pile-on in American history. I go to rallies, and they’re starting to hate the media because they see it’s all a big lie. Not all, but a lot of it’s a big lie.”

Trump, the man of the premieres

It’s worth mentioning that the Democrat is the first candidate in recent history to make such an effective use of the media, managing to obtain coverage worth billions of dollars, starting with the primaries, when he was constantly attacking his opponents.

The poll was conducted on 1,546 adults, including 1,212 likely voters, between October 20 and 24. The margin of sampling error for all respondents is plus or minus 2.75 percentage points, respectively 3.1 percentage points for voters.