What to expect from tonight’s VP debate

Tim Kaine and Mike Pence debate

Today, the United States will focus on the the secondary actors from the race for a spot in the Oval Office, Republican VP nominee, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, and the Democrats’ proposal, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine.

Pence and Kaine are just secondary characters

The two are expected to meet in Farmville, Virginia, for the only vice-presidential debate of the campaign, and, despite them being the main characters of the event, it’s more than obvious that the focus will be maintained on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Just like in the previous debates, Pence and Kaine are expected to argue over the temperament, qualifications, honest and, of course, the records of the nominees, says The Washington Post.

“Imagine Donald Trump’s most hateful rhetoric signed into law. Mike Pence’s record shows that it could happen,” Clinton’s campaign tweeted today, hinting at the Republican VP’s strategy. Even more, they gave examples of some Trump ideas that Trump has floated, like ending birthright citizenship, forbidding abortion or lessening gun restrictions, as well as other legislative actions, similar to these, which Mike Pence has taken in the past.

Tim Kaine himself tweeted a message aimed directly to Donald Trump and Mike Pence this morning, written in both Spanish and English: “We’re going forward, not backward.”

The Republicans are on thin ice

As for Mike Pence, he might be forced to account for Trump’s actions during the debate. “He’s got to be ready for how they come at him, whether it’s as some kind of rigid right-wing conservative or if they use the debate as a way to go after Donald’s tweeting or his position on immigration,” said Rudolph W. Giuliani, former New York mayor and one of Trump’s advisers.

The debate will begin at 9 p.m., on the campus of Longwood University, and it could be crucial for Donald Trump’s campaign, as we his performance from the first presidential confrontation was considered very poor.