White House budget director claims that a government shutdown is possible!

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No wall, no party? White House budget director Mick Mulvaney supplied one gruesome outcome when he said on Monday that President Trump might refuse to sign a government spending bill that does not include money for a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, therefore leaving the door open for a federal government shutdown toward the end of the week.

The border wall, less likely to become reality

Invited on “Fox News Sunday”, Mulvaney was asked by host Chris Wallace if Donald Trump will sign a government funding bill that does not include funding for the border wall. Referring to recent comments that the 70-years old mogul made on the subject, the White House budget director answered that nobody knows for sure, according to The Washington Post.

With the current spending expiring on Friday, lawmakers and the White House will have to put a serious effort to pass the bill, that if Trump eventually gives his OK even without the budget for the wall. If the businessman keeps his beliefs, then we’ll probably have a federal government shutdown.

Speaking about this possible outcome, Mulvaney said that a shutdown is not a desired end and that the Republicans just want their priorities funded.

Will Trump keep one of his main promises?

Trump’s campaign was heavily focused on a U.S.-Mexico wall and the President wants to keep his promise. But the White House leader often said that Mexico would pay for the wall, while the Mexican president has said his country will not do that.

Republicans hold a 52-to-48 advantage over the Democratic caucus in the Senate, but that’s not enough for them to ensure what they want. Senate Republicans must get 60 votes to pass legislation, so they’ll need Democratic support for anything to be done.