White House Inadvertently Posts Details of President Obama’s Travel Schedule on Website


Details about Obama’s visit to Warren in Michigan have been revealed. President Obama’s Wednesday visit schedule is intended for the press. The inadvertent has an advisory for the press, “MEDIA LOGISTICS BELOW ARE FOR PLANNING PURPOSES ONLY, NOT FOR REPORTING.”

The posting includes scheduled time of arrival and different locations and times when the media can access during the visit. Taylor McPhail, the White House press team was asked whether public posting of the schedule would require any form of adjustments he said, “For planning purposes, timing has not changed.”

In the past there have been schedule leaks or inadvertent postings that have led to a change in the entire schedule. While the press is supposed to keep schedules confidential they sometimes get out in public before hand.

As of Tuesday the advisory schedule was still on the official White House website. However, the slip is not unprecedented completely. Just a few weeks ago there was another posting of this kind when the President Obama and his family were departing from their Martha’s Vineyard vacation.

One of the main agendas of the Michigan trip is for Obama to give his remarks at Macomb Community College on “the importance of investing in skills and growing the economy.” Accompanying the president on the trip will be Jill Biden.