White House issues formal veto threat on Iran


On Tuesday White House threatened to veto resolution disapproving Iran deal. Democrats have also been encouraged to vote and prevent the bill from reaching the floor.

For many months president Obama has made it clear on his intention to veto congressional resolution on the deal which was negotiated by major world superpowers and Iran. The Office of Management and Budget said that if the Congress undermines the deal it would “greatly undermine our national security interests on multiple fronts.”

In addition the OMB also said that rejection of the deal would be a blow and devastating to the credibility of America as a leader of diplomacy. It would ultimately mean the exhaustion of alternatives and this means resorting to military action. Failure of the deal in Congress would also make it hard to sustain international coalition and combat Iran’s activities in the region.

The White House has managed to gain the threshold on Senate Democrats and sustain a veto threat. The last holdout of Democrat senators announced their support of the deal and the numbers came to 42.

“We certainly would expect that those members of Congress who support the agreement to take the necessary steps in Congress to prevent Congress from undermining the agreement,” Earnest said. Even though the White House hasn’t explicitly come out and asked the 42 Democrat senators to block the consideration spokesperson Josh Earnest said that is the administration’s preference.