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President Obama’s administration is worried that Russia might be escalating military activity in Syria. There is fear that it could lead to more chaos in the Middle East country. Press Secretary Josh Earnest on Tuesday said, “We’ve made clear that it would be unconscionable for any party, including Russia, to provide any support to the Assad regime.”

Mr. Earnest also warned that Russian military might build and risk confrontation with the coalitions that are meant to counter ISIL. With Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Mr. Earnest reiterated that ISIS has gained more ground in the country especially because of the civilian war.

“The Assad regime has failed to confront ISIL and the Assad regime has created an environment where ISIL has been able to establish a foothold, but we’ve also seen Assad actively carry out acts of violence against the Syrian people,” Earnest added that there would more refugees fleeing the country if the violence continued. Europe is already experiencing a massive refugee migration from the Middle East to seek asylum.

However, Mr. Earnest said he wasn’t aware of discussions between President Obama and President Vladimir Putin of Russia. United States Secretary of State, John Kerry had already expressed concerns over the weekend.