Will Americans take a gamble on Trump?

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Donald Trump President

Despite many political commentators having cast aspersions on the credibility of the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, it seems a large percentage of the American appear to believe that he still represents a valid political choice.

With the recent polls showing that Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton leads Trump by just nine points, it’s become alarmingly clear that Trump has managed to tap into the psyche of certain American voters by appealing to a variety of populist issues regarding immigration, gun control and even gambling.

The fact that Trump has a business history in many casino operations won’t surprise many and Clinton recently highlighted how Trump’s failed casino experiences could spell potential disaster for the US economy if he ever seized power.

And key to Trump’s right-wing ideology is how he would seek to liberate market forces in this tightly controlled domain that’s seen traditional bricks-and-mortar casinos hard hit by their online counterpart. There’s an example here at the Mr Smith Casino gaming site that shows how new internet technologies offer a much more convenience choice when compared to the Republican candidate’s disastrous Atlantic City gambling projects.

Although Americans may be relatively benign to the effects of casino culture, such indifference cannot be seen in regards to the ongoing controversy over gun laws. In light of the tragic events in Orlando, it’s been interesting to see how Trump has dealt with this divisive topic.

With the Republican Party’s deep links to the National Rifle Association, he’s certainly shown a willingness to fight their corner, and even appears to have overstepped his mark in defending the Second Amendment.

But such outrageous comments are a touchstone of Trump’s campaign, and it’s remarks like this that have kept him in the headlines and seen him rise up the ranks to become the surprise political story of the decade.

It’s his willingness to jump upon any populist bandwagon, no matter how ugly, that has sustained his political career so far. And with still no signs of defeating Islamic State in the Middle East, it’s the question of immigration that continues to define his increasingly incoherent political campaign.

Despite many people calling into question the fact of whether Trump can ban Muslims from entering the US, it’s a policy that has certainly helped define his campaign in key states such as Arizona.

And whilst he may not have been able to stop the collapse of his casino empire, it’s thought that his increasingly populist rhetoric will see him go the distance in this polarised presidential campaign.