Will Marco Rubio be backed by Jeb Bush’s supporters?

marco rubio to be backed up by bush supporters

As the race for the GOP nomination is getting tighter, we aren’t that surprised when candidates which were initially seen as favorites retire. The last one was former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who took the decision after the South Carolina primary, won by media mogul Donald Trump.

Like expected, after the announcement was made, everybody started talking about who will be the biggest benefactor of Jeb’s exit.

Is Rubio the best choice?

Surprisingly or not, several of his donors were reserved in backing up another candidate if there wasn’t any guarantee that their money will be invested wisely. On the other side, there are a lot of rumors about Florida Senator Marco Rubio being the one supported by former Jeb Bush loyalists, says NBC News.

Apparently, the main reason why they might decide upon Marco Rubio is because they want to stop Donald Trump from winning the nomination.

“I doubt very much any serious supporter of Jeb is going to get in the Trump clown car with that orange-haired fool,” James Wareham, a Washington litigator and Bush fundraiser, said. “Not a chance I could ever vote for him, never mind support him.”

Former Jeb Bush backers will do anything to avoid a Trump win

Still, there are Jeb Bush backers who already declared that they’re going to support Marco Rubio, like Bobbie and Bill Killberg, who initially aided Chris Christie, then Bush, after the New Jersey Governor’s retirement.

“He is now the candidate around whom mainstream Republicans can coalesce,” Bobbie Kilberg told NBC News. She also confirmed that nine people from her network of donors confirmed their support for Marco Rubio.

A cash infusion from Jeb Bush‘s supporters would be more than welcome for Marco Rubio, since it’s very difficult for the Florida Senator to keep up with Donald Trump’s campaign, as the Republican front-runner is self-financing it.