Will we see a change in gambling laws during Trump’s Presidency?

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The Trump presidency is creating waves both domestically and internationally. Trump in his first 10 months thus far has moved quickly in changing the face of different legislation in the US, these changes have received mixed views, some in support and others disagreeing with them. What shouldn’t surprise however is the fact that there is much change in legislation since he came into office because his ticket when running for POTUS’ office was change and freedom.

The changes done by Trump so far mainly lie in the health, social welfare and taxation aspects of the economy. More are expected to come and as such for those eking out a living from gambling wonder if or when President Trump might seek to change the US gambling laws.

In the US, numerous states have separate laws that strictly governs gambling activities especially live casino. Many of these states have laws that directly or indirectly illegalise online gambling.

Reasons why Trump may effect changes to online gambling
As we have already seen, some would argue that he is just fulfilling his campaign promises; Trump has effected many changes, changing existing legislation while more plans aimed at changing other legislation and policies including the famous Obamacare have been muted. Based on this, it seems only a matter of time in his presidency before Trump makes his way to the gaming industry.

Not to say that President Trump might effect change for his own good, there is a high chance that Trump might seek ‘revive’ every aspect of the American economy as he has already stated before that he is going to put America first and prioritise jobs. Casinos have a potential of creating jobs much like any other industries thus lifting the ban on online betting might just work in favour of him. Trump knows a thing or two about casinos as before his inauguration into office, he owned the Trump International Hotel Las Vegas, and he previously ran the Trump Plaza (closed in 2014) and the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City that closed early this year.

More so, Trump’s strict adherence to the core concepts of capitalism might influence him to change gambling legislation, as he knows that the gambling industry has the potential to pour in millions of dollars to government and state coffers.

In addition, several of the pro-Trump states do not necessarily consider online gambling legal. As a way of pleasing his supporters, Trump might just effect change in gambling legislation.

Online players can look to the future with the hope of better days to come as long as Trump in office because a change in gambling legislation looks likely whether in the near or distant future.