Will things get nasty during the second Presidential Debate?

presidential debate

If the first Presidential Debate was considered as one of the most intense in the history of U.S. elections, the second has all the chances of becoming even more interesting, in the light of recent events!

After the hot mic audio from Donald Trump’s appearance on Access Hollywood in 2005 was released, almost the entire Grand Old Party is condemning the businessman, some members even asking them to drop off from the race and let running mate Mike Pence take it from here.

Trump has a big desire to win the debate

Of course, Trump, in his own characteristic style, announce that he will never quit, despite the whole scandal created around his campaign this days. According to NBC News, he will walk on stage tonight, but with a big open wound and an even bigger desire to outrun Hillary Clinton, in order to prove his supporters that he’s president material.

We’re looking forward to hear about Bill Clinton’s extra-marital affairs several times during tonight’s Presidential Debate, as well as Hillary Clinton’s call for “open trade an open borders”, after transcripts of paid speeches she gave were released this Friday by Wikileaks.

“I’ve said some foolish things but there’s a big difference between the words and actions of other people,” Trump said in a video released this Friday night to apologize for his comments on the new audio tape. “Bill Clinton has actually abused women and Hillary has bullied, attacked, shamed, and intimidated his victims.”

Hillary, to launch her most acid comments yet?

Hillary Clinton’s campaign, on the other side, consider that Donald Trump bringing up the Bill Clinton sex scandals during the debate would eventually backfire on him, so the Democratic candidate is prepare to respond in a very aggressive way, considering the current situation. However, we’re looking forward to seeing her attacking him seriously, as the campaign adopted a strategic silence these days.