Will Trump And Carson Team Up?


Will Trump And Carson Team Up?

The two top GOP contenders for the 2016 presidential nomination are not only leading the pack of hopefuls but seem to be melding into a non contest between the two as though something is going on the public doesn’t know about.

Dr. Ben Carson and Donald Trump hold the top two positions for the GOP candidates but the way they go at one another is nowhere near as volatile as one would think among two people going for the same goal. They both represent the basic GOP principles but they have differences on the fundamental levels regarding spirituality.

Carson makes the GOP religious groups feel comfortable. He’s no threat to Trump. Trump on the other hand isn’t going to step on the religious toes of his party’s backbone so he’s no threat to Carson. Both men are professionals in their fields and are no slouches where gray mater is concerned.

They’re going after the same targets. Sometimes their less than popular colleagues but with different fervor. Carson is more soft spoken and avoids science facts and statistics, whereas Trump will grab onto that statistical data regarding the economy and world events and blow them up.

Make no mistake, both men are here to support the GOP bottom line and that is catering to the wealthy and the bloodthirsty that make their money from war and oppression. Carson like the bulk of the GOP spiritualists uses religious dogma to justify the blatant criminal acts perpetrated by the banksters and military industrial complex. They know who butters their bread, Trump especially, and both aren’t about to rock that boat anytime soon.

Both men will probably remain cool to one another throughout the next year, being cautious not to attack too harshly, but to also keep their ground. Trump is a born again alpha male and isn’t about to settle for second place. Carson would acquiesce to a vice president slot behind Trump and that would make them the perfect GOP team.

This suggests a team up of some sort. It could make the GOP run less volatile and give them so much lead time to establish their agendas should they win the White House. It would give the public, critics, and speculators enough time to ask the pertinent questions months ahead of time and getting clear cut answers.

2016 will see both men put their best foot forward, but hopefully for them, that foot won’t end up in their own mouths.