Yes, Donald Trump can lose the nomination.

donald trump nomination at risk

Donald Trump is one step away from officially being the GOP nominee for the White House race, but next week’s Republican National Convention, the event which he is waiting for, might as well threaten his way to the Oval Office.

Trump is on thin ice

According to The Washington Post, the Convention Committee of Rules began meeting last night and is currently setting the event. However, these rules could lead to Trump actually losing the nomination!

The same source mentions that after the 1972 election, candidates started winning delegates mostly through primaries. Ever since, a candidate always won enough of them in order to make competitors withdraw from the race, weeks before the convention. And this is how it happened in Trump’s case as well.

However, Donald Trump‘s opponents retired later in the primary process, so many individual delegates have already been selected before the businessman became the presumptive nominee, so the delegates can be loyal to another candidate or opposed to Trump.

Therefore, in this very moment, the businessman is dealing with a minority of delegates who don’t want him as a nominee. Also, his opponents, who suspended their campaigns, have yet to release their delegates.

His nomination could be at risk

Currently, there’s a big debate over whether delegates should vote for the candidate who won their state, which is the main issue the Convention Committee of Rules should find a solution to.

Keeping it short, some of Donald Trump‘s delegates, who are bound to vote for him, could back up anyone they want. Even though the Republican has support from a majority, his nomination might be at risk if delegates will be allowed to change their mind and back another candidate. From his total of 2,472 delegates, about 890 are considered solid supporters, while the rest are either Cruz supporters or up for grabs.