$10 Million Bail For Rampaging Illegal Immigrant, Freed By The Feds

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$10 Million Bail For Rampaging Illegal Immigrant, Freed By The Feds

In another tragic case of an illegal immigrant killing an American citizen has hit the headlines.

In this case, Juan Emmanuel Razo, 35, was arrested last Monday after engaging in a shootout with police. Razo was on the run while in a crime spree that involved assaulting a 14 year old girl he attempted to rape in Painesville, Ohio. He then shot a woman while her children watched, and then murdered another woman, a 60-year-old at that. He is now in custody with a whopping $10 million bail.

What’s even more disturbing is that Razo had been in custody of the local authorities several weeks earlier. When the local authorities notified the Border Protection authorities, the border protection officials told them that Razo was indeed from Mexico and in the country illegally, however they said that they wouldn’t pick up Razo for deportation. The local authorities then had to release Razo as he’d not committed a crime other than being in the country illegally that is by mandate, the responsibility of the federal government via the Border Patrol.

The woman Razo killed, Margaret Kostelnik, was an assistant to the nearby mayor. The coroner said she’d been shot several times. Kostelnik was remembered as being “the nicest person you could ever meet.”

Razo confessed to the mayhem, and during the arraignment, Painseville Municipal Court Judge Michael Cicconetti, went ballistic on Razo and the authorities. His tirade was captured on video and has gone viral across the internet. Cicconetti literally threw the book at Razo and exclaimed his frustration by saying, “I can’t set a bond high enough,”.

This horrific incident follows another like kind that happened in San Francisco several weeks earlier when another illegal immigrant, Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, shot and killed 32 year-old Kathryn Steinle. Sanchez had previously been deported five times and in addition had a felony record.

The public outcry regarding the mounting violence and disorder caused by illegal immigrants has fallen on deaf ears. The federal government has been unwilling, for decades to resolve the problem, inter-agency noncooperation, political and social and lobbying pressure has rendered all efforts ineffective so far. It is clear, without doubt, that the illegal immigration problem and its resulting harm to US citizens is not a priority to the federal government and lawmakers. The need for cheap labor, prostitution, weapons and drug trade, are far too lucrative, and the powers that be aren’t going to cut off that multi-billion dollar revenue stream just because hard working, honest, tax paying American citizens are being raped and killed. It would be bad for business.

The only 2016 presidential candidate to bring the raw issue to the fore has been Donald Trump. Trump didn’t mince words when he lambasted the government regarding illegal immigration. He stirred up so much dirt that businesses and partners shunned him, however the public rose up to boost his popularity to the point of overwhelm.

With this recent incident, the spotlight is on government, especially President Obama, regarding illegal immigration. The public is in an uproar about the subject and wants solutions now, no more promises. Anyone seeking election at any level, will have to face this issue head on and be able to go forward with their promises or the problem will only escalate.

It’s high time something was done. No more beating around the bush. Either the wellbeing of the American citizenry is the number one priority of government, or it is not. If not, it’s time the people rallied up and change things dramatically, perhaps to the point of revolt.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens with the 2016 candidates and their viewpoints on the matter, in the meantime the pressure is on Obama who could end this crisis with an executive order, but that is highly unlikely as his constituent utilize immigrant labor and the Latino community has such considerable voting power.

The ball is now in the American citizen’s hands. They have to take the initiative as it’s clear, government has failed at it miserably.