Early results start coming in from Iowa caucuses

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After months of heated aggressive campaign among a large Republican presidential candidates and a smaller, but equally with equal fighting spirit Democratic contest. The 2016 race for the Presidency on Monday at last came live at the nation’s political watch squarely on who will matter most: the voters.

Candidates lobbied for voters in Iowa at the final hours ahead of the state’s maiden nominating contests, rapping up their remaining stops as they sought to rally round for supporters to show up at caucus sites in the 99 counties.

Live results: Track the Iowa caucus vote

Voters started gathering at caucus sites around the state and the events officially started at 7 p.m. Central time. Political pundits predicted a high turnout. There were reports that some sites were clustered with people that officials  struggled to close the doors, despite a massive snowstorm that was bearing down on the state.

Early results at the Iowa caucuses showed Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) and real estate mogul Donald Trump in a tight race on the Republican side. Cruz had compiled 2,222 votes to Trump’s 2,107 votes with 7 percent of the precincts reporting. On the Democratic side, former secretary of state Hillary Clinton was leading 53 percent to Sen. Bernie Sanders’s 47 percent, with 25 percent of the precincts reporting.

“I pray we will win,” Cruz said during a stop at a Baptist Church in Marion, Iowa.

Where else can Cruz resort to order than calling for support from a higher power in his tough battle for the GOP nomination against the Republican Trump front-runner, the brash New Yorker who has led the Republican polls since shortly after declaring his candidacy last summer.

Trump and Sanders made their final touches of their campaign on Monday to coax non-traditional voters to the caucuses here, even as their chief rivals suggested well-tested organizing tactics would give them the crucial margin of victory instead.http://www.whorunsgov.com/3315-2/03315