Attorney General Jeff Sessions talks about James Comey’s firing

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james comey and jeff sessions

This Tuesday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions offered some explanations, during congressional testimony, regarding the firing of FBI Director James Comey.

According to CNN Politics, Sessions declared that he didn’t feel like staying in the Oval Office back on February 14, when president Donald Trump had a private talk with the FBI Director. The official also revealed that he didn’t feel the need to do anything after the meeting in which James Comey admitted that he doesn’t feel very comfortable with such one-on-one chats, says the same source.

Was Comey able to deal with so much tension?

Apparently, the Attorney General believed that Mr. Comey was a pro and knew how to handle such situations.

“I felt (Comey), so long in the department — former deputy attorney general, as I recall — knew those policies probably a good deal better than I did,” Sessions said.

“Our Department of Justice rules on proper communications between the department and the White House have been in place for years. Mr. Comey well knew them, I thought and assumed, correctly, that he complied with them,” he eventually added.

His fate was decided months ago

As for when he talked with the Senate intelligence committee, Jess Sessions told them that he and deputy Attorney General Ross Rosenstein were considering removing James Comey from his position, considering that it was time for a “fresh start” in the organization, but before both of them were confirmed to their current positions.

Of course, this raises a lot of question marks, making everybody wonder if Mr. Comey wasn’t actually supposed to leave due to badly mismanaging his role from the 2016 election. But we may never know the real reason…