Bernie Sanders calls Donald Trump’s administration “totalitarian”

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After one month at the White House, there are a lot of people who don’t like the way Donald Trump is doing his job, Bernie Sanders being one of them.

After the President referred to multiple news outlets as being the “enemy of the American People”, the Vermont Senator declared that the Trump Administration is showing signs of “totalitarism”, adding that the businessman is also a “pathological liar”.

Bernie Sanders attacked Trump on social media

According to The Independent, the Democrat, who lost out to Hillary Clinton in his bid to be the party’s nominee for the presidential race, used social media in older to deliver an aggressive response to Trump’s attack on the media.

“In Trump’s view people should ignore all the news except what comes directly from him. That is what totalitarianism is all about,” Bernie Sanders said in a tweet.

Still, this doesn’t come as a surprise, since it isn’t the first time when Mr. Sanders attacks Donald Trump after he was appointed as President. Previously, he called his “delusional” and claimed that he could move the United States into “authoritarian mode”.

Trump recently delivered a speech in Florida

These comments came after the president’s speech at a rally in Florida, where we declared that the media in the United States is now “part of the problem”, as well as “part of the corrupt system”.

Also, despite what everybody says, Donald Trump said that currently, the White House is running smoothly, even though he inherited one big mess from the previous administration.

Finally, he praised Department of Homeland Security secretary John Kelly, after his proposition to round up undocumented immigrants, forwarded to the National Guard.

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