Bernie Sanders criticizes the Democratic brand

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During CNN’s AC360, with Anderson Cooper, Senator Bernie Sanders took a few moments in order to talk about the Democratic brand, which, he claims, is now worse than President Trump’s in some parts of the United States.

The experience says its word

“I speak as the longest serving independent in American congressional history, the Democratic brand is pretty bad,” the Senator said, according to CNN Politics.

Of course, he couldn’t miss the chance to take a hit at President Trump, claiming that it’s as bad as the Republican brand, being one of the main reasons why people are giving up on politics.

And we can totally relate with Bernie Sanders’ declarations! After Democrat Jon Ossoff lost the Georgia special House election, a lot of the party’s lawmakers confessed that they’re worried about the party’s future.

The recent special elections should be put in context!

“The context is all of them are Republican seats and Trump did, in most of those seats, did very, very well.” Bernie Sanders continued, “Democrats did much better than was the case in the last election.”

The former candidate for the spot in the Oval Office also talked about the momentum the Democrats had, but right now, they need to consider some “internal soul searching.”

In order to make it up for the model that the party followed for the last 10 years, which resulted in losing the Senate, the House and the Whie House, Democrats need to “make it clear to working people of this country that the Democratic Party is on their side.” To be more specific, Mr. Sanders was referring to a progressive agenda and, of course, rebuilding the party in the states they have ignored for decades.