Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for all” plan has it flaws

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bernie sanders medicare for all

One of Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders’ most important campaign points is the “Medicare for all” health plan, which he claims to be superior to President Barack Obama’s ‘Obamacare’. Still, even at a first look the program might be a very good deal for a lot of U.S. citizens, working seniors which are already a part of the government’s health plan.

According to USA Today, Mr. Sanders declared that “Medicare for all” would eventually result in a tax increase for all categories, including middle and lower-income citizens. Still, the Vermont Senator claims that this would be more than offset by savings from terminating expensive private health insurance plans.

Aren’t all citizens equal?

Still, seniors over the age of 65 will most likely be disadvantaged by the plan, being hit by tax increases. Considering this, more than 8.5 million people will be affected, meaning that the costs to seniors are way higher than Mr. Sanders’ plans suggests.

“Under Bernie’s plan, everybody may well benefit, but there’s going to be a substantial number of seniors who are going to feel like they’re worse off,” said John Rother, president of the National Coalition on Health Care. “These tradeoffs are inevitable in any kind of big picture health care plan,” he added.

Medicare for all” has been highly criticized lately, despite Bernie Sanders’ promises of a massive increase in benefits coverage. The program would offer dental, mental health, vision and hearing coverage, but assuming savings that are only vaguely detailed.

Will this be the only minus of the health care program?

Finally, the impact of “Medicare for all” upon seniors is just one of the aspects discovered as details of the plan emerge.

As the race for the Democratic nomination gets tighter and tighter, health care is one of the main dueling points between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, the party’s top candidates.