Bill de Blasio, re-elected as New York Mayor

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For the first time in the last 30 years, New York, a city that can be considered a national liberal stronghold, has re-elected a Democratic mayor: Bill de Blasio, a man with an progressive program and an eye on Washington.

Ignoring the pressure from the media

According to CNN, de Blasio basically rewrote recent history, as he managed to win another term, despite being under constant assault from tabloid newspapers, while doing little himself to smooth over his testy relationship with New Yorkers.

This Tuesday, the Mayor pushed one more time for a new tax on the wealthy, with the purpose of funding repairs for the NY subway system, constantly dealing with serious issues. However, he was praised the most after touting Democratic wins in the New Jersey and Virginia gubernatorial races.

“I bring you tidings of joy this evening, because America got a little fairer tonight, America got a little bluer tonight,” Bill de Blasio told supporters at a victory party in Brooklyn.

The President wasn’t forgotten!

Of course, he didn’t miss the chance to mention Donald Trump, a native New Yorker.

“Tonight, New York City sent a message. You can’t take on New York values and win, Mister President. If you turn against the values of your hometown, your hometown will fight back.”

During Donald Trump’s term, a progressive politician’s victory represents a new sign for backing an argument that ambitious, broad-based economic reforms can actually win over political skeptics, not to mention breaking through the wall of criticism coming from moderate Democrats.

“I’m entirely focused on being mayor of the greatest city in the world,” Bill de Blasio concluded on Tuesday afternoon. Right now, he has four more years to prove and enjoy himself!