Can Jeb Bush Get Out From Behind His Family’s Legacy?

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Jeb Bush

Since Jeb Bush launched his presidential campaign he has insisted that he is his own man. He has tried to distance himself from two of his family members who have made it to the White House. It seems this is not the case. Former President George W. Bush is set to headline the fundraiser for his brother this week.

Former President Bush also sent emails to Jeb Bush supporters requesting for donations. In a recent statement the 43rd president said that he can help his brother become the president without hitting the campaign trail. The Bush family is aware that Americans are not so comfortable with a third member of a family become president.

In June Bush was asked in a Fox interview whether his last name would be a liability or an asset he said that he was proud to be George and Barbara Bush’s son. When on his campaign trail in Detroit he also asserted that his dad was the greatest man alive. He also added that he loves his brother and he thinks he was a great president.

However, Bush’s opponents have used his legacy for their own purposes. Trump has pointed out those only features his name and an exclamation mark.  “The last thing this country needs is another Bush. We’ve had it with the Bushes,” Trump added. For Bush it is a tough call to presidency and even though the poll results haven’t been so promising he hopes to improve in the coming months.

  • Jupiter Zenith

    Fed up with bush(s). W was one of the worst to America. Now Jeb want some legacy of that.