Clintons Paid State Staffer To Manage Private Email Server

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Both Hillary and Bill Clinton paid a State Department staffer that managed the private email server. This was confirmed by Clinton’s spokesperson on Saturday. It turns out Bryan Pagliano, the staffer, was trained separately so that he could manage the servers. Clinton’s aides said that this arrangement was to ensure that no taxpayer money could be spent on the server which was used by the Clinton family.

Nick Merrill, Clinton’s campaign spokesperson, tweeted on Saturday saying that Pagliano was often hired to manage the servers. He also confirmed that Pagliano was no longer paid by the Clintons. During her campaign in Portsmouth, New Hampshire Clinton explained what Pagliano’s role was on the server. She said, “We obviously paid for those services, and did so because for a period of time, we continued to need his technical assistance.”

Through his lawyer, Pagliano informed Congress last week that he would revoke the Fifth Amendment and avoid testifying. With this he didn’t appear before Congressional inquiries and House Select Committee on Benghazi.

Clinton said that they will minimize the damage from his refusal and encourage him to testify. She affirmed that she had encouraged everyone to cooperate. “We will continue to do so, and I would very much urge anybody who is asked to cooperate to do so,” said Clinton.