Cybercrime USA: Too Little Too Late?

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Cybercrime USA: Too Little Too Late?

The advances of the cybercrime industries are so overwhelming that there doesn’t seem to be any end to it. This scenario is a pending threat of such magnitude that any day now, just one successful cyber attack could render the US inert.

Just this past week it was revealed that some high school hackers had compromised the email accounts of both the CIA director and Secretary of Homeland Security. The two executives whose email accounts should have been most secure fell victims to children? That is a signpost that far too many officials in security are sleeping at the wheel.

In addition, China and the UK signed a deal not to hack one another’s secrets. How solid that deal will be only time will tell.
The UN hasn’t stepped up tot the plate regarding the cybercrime issues and the need for more experts in the US alone is overwhelming. The US just doesn’t invest the money or time to do what’s necessary to protect its infrastructure and questions arise regarding whether they do so because they’re part and parcel of the spying and hacking. The US has shown time and time again that they will go to great lengths to spy on their own citizens, compromise their security, and then lie through their teeth when busted. From hiring outsourced groups to do the hacking to not hiring enough professionals, it’s clear that the US is hierarchy is using said compromised data for blackmail and other nefarious means.

China knows this. They’ve an army in the tens of millions who spend 24/7 hacking into American accounts both government and private. The US has nowhere near the manpower to do so and with the fat that the foreign powers allow their hackers access to their own servers, it’s next to impossible to battle them, much less do the detective work and ground work necessary to stem the problem.

Government agencies are lax in this matter and the scouring of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails is a prime example. The government, primarily the Republicans have spent more time and money trying to beat her down over using government resources for private use, they pale in comparison to the investigations and remedies needed for far more serious breaches.

Private companies in the merchandise area are being beaten into the ground from hacking. Many of these intrusions the public is unaware of as many hackers just break in to show a company how easy it is. The companies then pay off the hackers to show how they did it and also pay them to establish more security. The stories just roll over and over about companies that refused to listen to cyber security experts until it became too late and that’s the modus operandi of the US government too.

A major attack is just waiting to happen. It could lead to such devastation as to upend finance and survival on an unprecedented scale. The US has become so dependent on computing that just one successful attack could bring about disaster.

President Obama has taken a marginal interest in the problem but it is apparent that computing is not his forte’. Only an exec who is familiar with the fundamentals of computing and cybersecurity can handle this problem. It will call for bringing in Americans, mostly young people, to join in and help out. It would be a marshaling of forces unlike anything seen since WWII but it is the only course of action that will work.