Democratic Debate: Bernie Sanders’ Climate Change Delusion

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Democratic Debate: Bernie Sanders’ Climate Change Delusion

With all the horrific news regarding the recent massacres in Paris, the latest Democratic debate barely got the notice it deserved. Even so, one of the major points of discussion was Climate Change, and Senator Bernie Sanders seems to have not been paying attention to reality.

Sanders went on about how Climate Change is the nation’s biggest national security threat, but like most politicians and the media, still hasn’t focused on the problem of people dying in hospitals from infections and mistakes.

An estimated 1 million Americans die this way each year. Statistics put going to the hospital as the 2nd or 3rd cause of death in the country. Some say the numbers are higher and it’s been a problem for well over a decade and has yet to be given its proper due by the authorities. In just one year, the US loses more people than it has in all its wars combined.

The problem could be resolved easily with more discipline regarding hospital staff hygiene, patient competence, doctor responsibility, and education. It’s a multi-layered problem and the excuses are overworked staff, unqualified staff, patient ignorance and non compliance, pharmaceutical errors, and more.

A hundred years ago, not having hospital care was one of the top causes of death, and to have things reversed to such levels is absurdity at its highest levels. The Democrats are just as guilty as the Republicans on this issue as both are beholding to Big Pharma and Big Medico. Add to that the public makes a ton of money in life insurance and malpractice settlements and one can see why there’s so much reluctance to combat the issue.

It’s America’s secret shame and there’s no excuse for it as there are less underdeveloped countries who have infection rates far, far, lower than the US. Certainly Climate Change is an issue of great importance, but the truth be told, it’s nothing compared to what’s been going on and will if it’s not stopped.

Sanders it the prime force for such change, but he’s been either out of the loop or not interested. How in the world this problem with hospital deaths still goes under government and public radar can only be explained by denial and delusion and it’s high time that someone in power addresses the issue immediately.

Perhaps Sanders or one of the other Democratic hopefuls will wake up and smell the coffee in regard to this issue, and Sanders is the primary candidate to do so.

We’ll have to wait and see.