Democrats don’t agree with Trump’s pick for Labor Secretary

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After failing to block the appointment of an education secretary with basically no experience in public schools, the Democratic Party is now trying to stop Donald Trump’s nomination for Labor Secretary.

According to the NY Times, Andrew F. Puzder is expected to testify before the Senate on Thursday and occupy the position, but the Democrats have a few things against him, just enough to block his nomination.

Democrats should remain united in this attempt!

To be more specific, we’re talking about tales of marital strife or stories about suppressing wages to an undocumented house keeper, which, combined with the fact that four Republican senators have already refused to back Mr. Puzder, should be just enough to make Donald Trump look for somebody else. Of course, this will only happen if the party remains united in opposition!

“They ought to withdraw the nomination of Puzder before he further embarrasses this administration and further exposes the hypocrisy of President Trump,” said Democratic leader, Senator Chuck Schumer of New York.

Even more, there have been several protests against Andrew Puzder, as people gathered all over the country, in front of the fast-food restaurants he owns, claiming that a person who has a record of fighting for owners’ interests should look out for the U.S.’ wage workers.

Appointin Puzder would break Trump’s promises

“Puzder literally likes robots more than workers and does not believe in raising the minimum wage,” said Ben Jealous, one of the organizers. He also added that one of Donald Trump’s promises was to protect working-class Americans and, by appointing this man as Labor Secretary, he does exactly the contrary.

However, despite all this criticism, it seems that a lot of Republicans and member of the business world have rallied around Andrew Puzder, calling him an experienced job creator and considering that his experience makes him the right person for this position.