Donald Trump is an actor playing a role, says Jeb Bush

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donald trump and jeb bush

Donald Trump went up in polls, but he’s candidacy for the White House isn’t regarded with too much appreciation by everybody. On an interview for CNN, Jeb Bush said that the businessman is more suited for a TV reality show than for President.

“He’s not taking the responsibility, the possibility of being president of the United States really seriously. For him, it looks as though he’s an actor playing a role of the candidate for president.

Things are getting ugly between the two candidates

Not boning up on the issues, not having a broad sense of the responsibilities of what it is to be a president. Across the spectrum of foreign policy, Mr. Trump talks about things as though he’s still on ‘The Apprentice'”, said Bush. Also, Bush was disturbed by one of the statements made by Donald Trump, claimed  that George W. Bush was responsible for the fatidic day, 9/11.

“My brother responded to a crisis, and he did it as you would hope a president would do. He united the country, he organized our country and he kept us safe. And there’s no denying that. The great majority of Americans believe that,” he said for CNN.

Despite Donald Trump’s success in recent polls, Jef Bush estimates that Trump’s “aura” will fade away soon. I don’t think Trump is going to win the nomination. I think we’re going to have a nominee that will unite the party,” Bush concluded.

Jeb Bush praised Hillary Clinton

Discussing about Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton’s debate performance, Jeb Bush said that she’s an intelligent person, but her policies are wrong. “She’s a smart person, no doubt about that. But every chance she had to lay out a different approach than the one we’re on now, she actually doubled or tripled down on it: more taxes, more regulation, more creating barriers on people’s ability to rise up.”

  • Chas Holman

    Donald Trump is an actor playing a role, says Jeb Bush”

    While Jeb push is not acting. .He is genuinely a grade A arsehole.

  • Frank O’Keefe

    Sounds like Ronald Reagan…except Trump is a better actor.

    • CurseofZodLovesMaude

      and Reagan a better President.

  • Howard

    Donald Trump. The gift that saved Hillary.

    • demetri

      Hillary, the Gift that saved Bernie.

      • CurseofZodLovesMaude

        Hillary- the disease that killed America.

  • Dave Francis


    If you vote for a Democrat
    and not for Donald Trump, the Democrats will pass immigration amnesty laws and
    Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush and Bernie Sanders will do the exactly the same? They
    call it Immigration reform, When all we need is some amendments to the
    Immigration laws on the books now? What we don’t need is another amnesty, that
    were was full of fraudulent applications after 1986? This will facilitate 11 to
    30 million foreign nationals access to American jobs, health care and all the
    Social Security programs, sacred to Americans.
    The main objective of the Progressive radicals is to bring in as many
    illegal aliens for a voting opportunity, so being a Conservative, Independent will
    be meaningless.

    Although voting by non
    citizens is a violation of the law, the Democratic-Liberals are irrational and
    don’t care what they have to do, to grab power. VOTER FRAUD is REAL and you can
    read about it. Not that Jeb Bush’s is any different, as they pander to illegal
    aliens as well. You only have to look at its current settled majority in the
    House and Senate Under the speaker leadership of John Boehner the GOP
    politicians did nothing to stop Obama, opening the Congressional purse;
    senators as Ted Cruz yelled out in dissatisfaction, but never the less every
    bill that his Majesty Barack Obama still found the funds he needed for terrible
    bills, anti-American. Republicans are just that cynical rationale that they
    think that its okay to use cheap labor, although its a split agenda as the Tea
    Party wants nothing to do with the GOP establishment.

    It can be admitted that
    prior George Bush signed into law in 2006 the ‘Secure Fence Act’ but that was
    compromised by his own party Senator, Kay Bailey Hutchinson. Probably brought
    by Special Interests and the lobbyists for corporate welfare. This will not
    happen with Donald Trumps wall, which I believe will be far superior to what
    the government would build. Its very hard uphill battle in releasing the truth,
    when the biased media authors narrative out of context from the opposing forces.
    As to G. Bush and the terrible destruction of the two towers, not all the
    terrorists had valid visa’s, so if there had been a tracking exit/entry system
    perhaps there might have been a different ending?

    Our country
    will be overrun with so many welfare recipients, the American middle class will
    drown under the load. Those obviously suffering will be Black, Latino,
    Hispanic, Latino, American Indian, Caucasians and all those ethnic citizens and
    even the prior generation of legal immigrants who are on the lower wage
    scale. The affluent will stay in their
    high rises or isolated acreage of land, as our nation deteriorates. The
    Democrats are proceeding to a one party system, completely adverse to what the
    framers demanded. Since the big push for immigrants arriving through Ellis Island and Galveston, Texas at the end of the 19th century, the
    last 3 decades has been an illegal alien avalanche, with the worst in numbers
    during the last 6 years of President Obama rules.

    I see
    paramount problems for America if we keep allowing illegal aliens
    to stay, using their birth children as a fulcrum; it leads to CHAIN MIGRATION.
    Family members sponsored, which also carries an outlandish cost. Birthright
    citizenship should only be approved under logical categories. 1.One adult is an
    American citizen. 2. A lawfully-admitted
    permanent resident alien. 3. Alien on active service in the military. Not just
    because an illegal alien cheats the system and then declares she has a baby in
    the US. Its an imbecilic idea
    that has been fabricated, and must be finally suppressed as the cost means that
    any pregnant foreigner can access to our waning welfare programs.

    saw immediately the saneness of Donald Trumps presidency, that will gain more
    dominance, when the $$100 billion to $$200 Billion goes to alleviate the pain
    and suffering of our vets, our senior citizens and every genuine American.
    Whether Donald Trump can gain acceptance to deport or perhaps let illegal
    aliens repatriate themselves? The implementation of MANDATORY E-VERIFY that
    mega corporate, small businesses egged on by the US Chamber of Commerce are
    dead set against, as cheap labor will slowly decline, once jobs die out. Those
    who try to deceive the Donald Trump administration will end up with fines and
    even jail. Same goes for people who intentionally fly in or lie to immigration
    agents at ports of entry, will be tracked down and deported.

    Sanctuary cities
    or havens for illegal aliens and the criminals who arrive, is now awaiting a
    vote in Congress; get behind it and make your voice known. Until Obama ends his
    inept regime that’s the only thing that can be changed? Just hope there is no
    amnesty will just be overwhelming taxpayers after Obama vanishes and goes into
    silent hibernation.

    Natalie Johnson is a news reporter for The Daily Signal and graduate of
    The Heritage Foundation’s Young Leaders Program wrote:

    Sanctuary cities are growing in the United States, leading to a spike of 340
    jurisdictions that shield undocumented immigrants from federal immigration law.
    You can view that map here.
    The Center for Immigration Studies published an interactive map showing the
    locations of the sanctuaries, revealing scattered pinpoints across the country.
    Sanctuary policies vary from state to state, but they generally prevent local
    authorities from cooperating with federal immigration officers, allowing those
    localities to protect undocumented immigrants from deportation.

    Out of the 10 sanctuary
    jurisdictions that have released the greatest number of illegal immigrants
    against demands from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, seven fall in California.

    Francisco is among those cities, discharging 252 detained
    undocumented immigrants in 2014 despite requests from ICE that local
    authorities hold them in custody.

    Those protections enabled
    the release of seven-time convicted felon Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, who was
    previously deported to Mexico five times and went on to murder 32-year-old Kate
    Steinle on a San Francisco pier.

    Hans von Spakovsky, a senior
    legal fellow at The Heritage Foundation, said it is “outrageous” that these
    sanctuary policies have “victimized” Americans across the U.S.

    “How many preventable
    murders, rapes, robberies, and assaults have to occur before local officials
    reverse their reckless sanctuary policies? All they are doing is providing
    sanctuaries for criminals,” he said.