Donald Trump needs to speed up his decision regarding Obamacare

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Donald Trump now sees that his White House place came with great responsibilities. The 70-years old leader is pressuring the Congress to abort parts of the Affordable Care Act, but with a first GOP healthcare act that kind of failed, is this the best strategy for Trump and his party?

A wrong decision won’t make Americans happy

According to The Washington Post, The White House and Republican lawmakers need to decide if they want to improve the insurance marketplaces established by the ACA next year or make insurers to further increase rates or abandon those marketplaces entirely.

Of course, if they let the system go down, 11 million Americans who use the marketplaces won’t be too happy, so is stabilizing Obamacare the best solution? In this case, it will probably make it harder for the Republicans in Congress to drop the law itself.

Lanhee Chen, a health-policy expert and former adviser to 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney, said that this is an awkward political environment and is convinced that Republicans will face some political repercussions for what happens to Obamacare.

For Trump, the health-care problem hasn’t come much as a surprise. He often tweeted and said during his campaign that the law will “die of its own weight”. Last month, in the Oval Office, the mogul expressed his opinion that the best solution, politically speaking, is to let Obamacare explode.

Trump saw into the future!

And, surprisingly, it seems that he was right. Although some state marketplaces offered multiple plan options and only modest premium raises last year, many others put on the table only one plan choice and some premium that were too pricey.

And it’s really hard to imagine that marketplaces will lower costs by suddenly attract a better mix of healthy enrollees, so Trump’s decision will probably determine the GOP’s fate. Republicans spent the past seven years promising to fix and replace Obamacare, meaning that people want to see actions that actually improve their life.