Donald Trump wants to increase defense-related spending

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President Trump is looking forward to proposing a federal budget that will dramatically increase the defense-related spending, with up to $54 billion, while other federal agencies’ budget will be cut by the same amount, says an administration official, cited by The Washington Post.

It seems that through this proposal, the president is trying to increase the spending related to national security, while other priorities, especially foreign aid, will deal with significant reductions, just like he was saying in his campaign.

Nothing about other spending directions

The White House revealed that the defense budget will be increased by 10 percent, but kept a low profile when asked about the other discretionary spending programs which will deal with reduced budgets, in order to pay for this increase.

This announcement is basically the first indication of the new administration’s spending priorities, as the president will hold a joint-session speech to Congress, on Tuesday night. However, it will take a few months until the full budget negotiations between Donald Trump and the Congress will be completed.

This Monday morning, Donald Trump declared that with his new budget strategy, he wants to put “America first”, by focusing more on defense and law enforcement.

Trump wants to spend wisely

“We are going to do more with less and make the government lean and accountable to the people,” he said. “We can do so much more with the money we spend.”

The budget will be submitted next month to Congress, and, according to the president’s statements, it would propose “historic” increases in spending, in order to bolster the United States’ “depleted military” and support law enforcement, in the administration’s first effort to reduce crime rate.

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