Donald Trump wants to make drone strikes easier to launch

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Before leaving office, president Barack Obama wanted to lock in a structure, as well as a set of rules regarding the way drone strikes are used, so that his successor won’t abuse this otherwise lethal weapon.

However, we all know that Donald Trump made the fight against the Islamic State a priority, at least when it comes to foreign policy, and he’s about to roll back some of the above-mentioned reglementations, according to The Washington Post.

The fight against terrorism would definitely become easier

The administration is very close to finishing a review that would allow the Pentagon to launch drone strikes easier, basically anywhere in the world. To be more specific, the measure would lower the threshold on acceptable civilian casualties, as well as scaling back the rest of the constraints imposed during Barack Obama’s term.

However, in order for this review to become reality, it needs to be approved by the president, which will most likely happen. This would represent a major change in the way the U.S. approaches drone strikes, as well as other targeted operations.

Will this end up with power abuses?

“We have to create an architecture for this because of the potential for abuse,” Barack Obama was saying back in August, during a speech. However, Trump will surely lift as many restrictions as possible, making way easier for the military to use drone strikes against potential terror targets, from pretty much any location.

As for Donald Trump’s administration point of view, their main purpose is only to “accelerate our operations against terror groups, and be more nimble and agile in our speed of response,” according to Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis. “But we always will maintain a commitment to minimizing, avoiding civilian casualties,” he added.