FBI’s James Comey, on Clinton’s campaign manager blacklist

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Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta is pressuring FBI Director James Comey to release all the details about the bureau’s review of the new emails connected to the Democratic nominee’s private server.

Podesta claimed that the FBI should have investigated enough and find out exactly what it was dealing with, before announcing the review, according to CNN.

Comey’s decision was taken way too fast

“He might have taken the first step of actually having looked at them before he did this in the middle of a presidential campaign, so close to the voting,” Mr. Podesta said.

James Comey’s latter, send to the Congress on Friday, managed to shake up the last days of the presidential race and infuriated Democrats, since it can affect their candidate’s credibility.

“This is something that has been tossed into the middle of the campaign,” John Podesta accused. “We would have preferred that that not happen, but now that it has happened, we would prefer that Mr. Comey come forward and explain why he took that unprecedented step,” he added.

Even more, James Comey’s handling of this whole situation is considered “inappropriate” by Hillary Clinton’s campaign, as John Podesta accused the FBI Director of not taking enough time to reflect on the gravity of this issue.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates also disagreed with the FBI’s decision.

He still considers he did the right thing

Comey considers that Hillary Clinton should have learned from her use of a private email sever, while serving as Secretary of State.

“I think she obviously would like to take that decision back, but she’s learned from it,” he said.