Gallup Poll: Most Americans Think Government Is Corrupt

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Gallup Poll: Most Americans Think Government Is Corrupt

The statistics from this recent Gallup Poll show that the overwhelming number of Americans feel their government is corrupt, but the stats also show that the majority feel free to criticize their government, unlike other citizens of other countries.

The poll shows that three in four Americans, about 75%, when polled in 2014, see the widespread corruption in the American Government. This stat is up from 67% in 2007 and 2009. The figures also show that the percentage of adult citizens that see corruption as pervasive, never dropped below a majority during the last 10 years.

Gallup also points out that people in other countries are so frightened to discuss corruption in their countries that gathering exact data can be daunting. The list of countries and their corruption perception percentages show an alarming amount of persons under the suppression of corruption.

What this all spells out is that the world’s leadership is so corrupt on so many levels, that it is a priority to be addressed or things will spiral downward into war and chaos. The present presidential candidates talk about all sorts of issues but for some strange reason have skirted the corruption issue like it was a plague. With the astonishing figures from this Gallup Poll, that the corruption in government issue is one of paramount importance and should be the #1 issue during the campaign year.

Yet, it is not.

Why not?

Because the US Government cannot run efficiently anymore if it started to crack down on corruption. It would mean total economic chaos on a global scale. The wealthy that benefit the most from such corruption would clamp down loans, production, support to politicians. Only one presidential candidate has addressed the issue and that is Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. Sanders, is an independent and not beholding to lobbying money. He’s leaped forward in the polls to such a degree that he is the biggest threat to government corruption since the signing of the Constitution. The American public, now more savvy about the institutions behind the scenes that ferment such corruption are flocking to Sanders. Vice President Joe Biden is definitely going to run for president, but that might not help as he sat there, along with President Obama and let the big banks and super wealthy literally get away with murder. The public, half of which are out of work, with 47 million in poverty are sick and tired of political rhetoric. Donald Trump, the GOP frontrunner talks a smooth game, but hasn’t touched on government corruption one iota because his 1% lifestyle would be jeopardized if ethical and moral practices were to be enforced in government and business.

Statistics don’t lie, it’s said, and these statistics show that citizen confidence in government is so low, it will take nothing short of a major upheaval in politics to remedy.

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Greg Boone, a native New Yorker, has worked for such companies such as the Gannet News Service, TimeWarner, America Online to name a few. Boone also works in the field of regenerative medicine, covering the frontiers of stem cell research and treatments for the past 10 years.