Guns And Drones, A New Form Of Terror?

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Guns And Drones, A New Form Of Terror?

Recently, another video has emerged on YouTube featuring a consumer grade drone outfitted with a 9mm handgun.

The drone surprisingly remains steady and true as it fires off round after round. The implications of this are terrifying considering the outrageous displays of murder and mayhem committed by criminals and terrorists throughout the world. The question now remains, are drones and guns a new form of terror?

The Potential Threat

Basically, adding a firearm or any weapon to a drone is illegal, however, the cat is out of the bag. Not only is it easier now to build homemade or DIY (do it yourself) drones, but you can also get some on the black market. Drone technology is accelerating in efficiency and power as well as size. Were it not for the noise they make, one wouldn’t know they were hovering overhead. There are now even tutorials and shows detailing how to modify drones for weaponry as is seen in this startling video from the show, “Game of Drones”.

The Law Must Stand Vigilant

Government and law enforcement are going to have their hands full trying to handle this new nightmare. If firearms can be attached effectively to drones, so can bombs and chemical and biological weapons. The sheer magnitude of what this implies as tinkerers come up with new ways to apply weapons to these drones and how to make the drones travel farther, faster, quieter.

What Can Law Enforcement Do?

In order to combat this coming form of criminal terror, law enforcement is going to have to acquire countermeasures that not only detect drones, their configuration, speed and point of origin, but also if they’re carrying weapons or contraband. Engineers will be hard pressed considering the amount of drones being sold. Should there be such an incident where a drone is used as a terrorist weapon, the devices will be banned or require special licenses. That would put a big crimp in the rapidly growing drone industry and that would be a major disappointment to companies and consumers.

The Battle

With the continuing debates and protests against and for gun ownership, just one incident with these drones will be enough to send panic through both fronts. Even if they are banned in the US, it would be highly unlikely that the practice of attaching weapons to drones would cease as criminals and terrorists don’t give too much of a care about laws in the first place.

What Can We Do?

At present, all we can do is wait and see what the laws and law enforcement are going to do. The Department of Homeland Security will most likely have the final say if the situation gets out of hand, but until then, all anyone can do is keep both eyes open and watch the skies.

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