Harry Reid: GOP ‘scared’ to confront Donald Trump

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On Tuesday Harry Reid ridiculed the Republican presidential field and Donald Trump. Reid said that the other GOP aspirants were scared to confront billionaire businessman because he is speaking to their hearts.

Harry Reid was in an interview with CNN when he said that Trump’s temperament is not different from that of the team he is running against. “Why do the Republicans who are running for president never criticize him on anything?” Reid said. When he was told that Jeb Bush has been a sharp critic of Trump Harry shrugged saying if he has no one seems to notice.

The 75 year old made comments that indicated they are committed to keeping the White House and hoping to take back the Senate. With the 2016 GOP getting tense with candidates battling it out Democratic Party is still in high hopes of winning.

Reid said, “Well, Donald Trump and the Republican gang that’s running for president certainly hasn’t hurt our chances.” He also added that he thinks the will get back the Senate. According to Reid it is ironical how the Republican Party was quick to defend Senator John McCain when he was insulted by Trump but has ignored all his slanderous statements.