Hatin’ On Hillary: Are The Classified Emails Worth The Controversy?

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Hatin’ On Hillary: Are The Classified Emails Worth The Controversy?

The controversy over the Hillary Clinton emails that she sent and received during her tenure as Secretary of State just keeps on bubbling to the top.

Notably the first half a dozen or so emails that were determined to have contained highly classified data and now the disclosure of another 60 emails, all from her personal server, that contain classified data but none of a top secret level.

These new emails aren’t enough to shake the foundations of national security, but they do point out the fallibility of the computer systems from human error. Anyone in cybersecurity can tell you, human error, ignorance, indifference, are a hacker’s best friend. Encrypted data is next to impossible to breach, however, just one person in the chain of administration who uses easy passwords, no passwords, runs off at the mouth to anyone on the phone or via the web, can undo the most secure networks.

In Clinton’s case it appears to be a simple situation of ignorance and indifference. Not taking into account the hazards of using emails in the fashion she did, given the office she upheld. This won’t help her much from her opponents, critics, and attackers however. They will exploit every scrap of information that could bring embarrassment or harm to the former First Lady.

As the issue continues to grab headlines, speculators are busy at forecasting what is yet to come. None of the data found so far has led to injury or death or the overwhelming compromising of any part of government, but that won’t stop Clinton’s enemies one iota. Left to them, they will try to take the most insignificant email data and exploit it to beyond absurd proportions. They would probably take an email of Clinton’s regarding a recipe for apple pie and claim it was a coded secret message that would have destroyed the free world had those of evil intent had gotten a glance at it.

There are even calls for any classified status that Clinton still holds to be canceled. Given the fervor of that attacks against her, she’d probably lose her Archie Comics Fan Club membership if her critics thought it would hurt her.

Is all this about her emails of such importance, or is it just something for the Republicans to hold onto and exploit regarding the 2016 Presidential election? The truth be told, the situation does merit investigation, criticism, and remedy. It shouldn’t have happened in the first place and hopefully the government has learned its lesson and has established new protocols to prevent it happening again. Laziness, indifference, and arrogance are all part and parcel to government administration and far too often it has led to disastrous results such as in the Snowden revelations and other security breaches.

If these emails are the only thing the opposition is holding over Clinton, it’s weak and using up far too much valuable time and resources. Clinton made mistakes here, but she’s no computer expert. That was a duty of government to oversee and it failed again.