Health care bill delayed until Friday, due to lack of votes

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Today wasn’t such a good day for Donald Trump, as the adoption of his already famous health care bill, expected to replace Obamacare, was delayed until Friday. According to CNN Politics, this couldn’t happen today, due to the bill’s inability to reach the required amount of votes.

Trump and Ryan tried to make it happen

Both Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan have been trying to convince members of the House Freedom Caucus, as well as moderate Republicans, to consider the new bill, in an attempt to reach the 216 votes required for the bill to pass.

To be more specific, the GOP can’t afford to lose more than 21 of their caucus, in order to pass the bill, because the Democrats aren’t expected to offer their support.

However, the bad part is that 26 House Republicans declared that they will actually vote against the bill! Even more, four more members of the Grand Old Party declared that they will, most likely oppose the bill as well, despite the negotiations from Thursday.

Freedom Caucus Chairman, Mark Meadows, whom Donald Trump announced that he’s “coming after him”, said that, right now, there are 30 to 40 votes against the new health care bill.

“We have not gotten enough of our members to get to yes at this point,” he said this afternoon.

Will the bill pass on Friday?

The White House, despite trying to leave the appearance that they’re confident about the bill, is aware about the situation.

“We still don’t have the votes. This may force their hand — or it may not,” an official said.