Hillary Clinton joined forces with Pharell Williams!

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During this Thursday’s night rally, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was joined by former rival Bernie Sanders, as well as hip-hop artist Pharell Williams, in an effort to boost voter turnout in North Carolina, a key state for the presidential campaign.

A woman would make a fine president!

“It makes me angry when people say she can’t lead our country because she’s a woman. How dare anyone question a woman’s ability. Every person on this planet was brought into this world by a woman,” Pharell said, receiving applause from the crowd, according to USA Today.

The artist made the case for Mrs. Clinton in a way that she is definitely unable, claiming that a female president is would definitely be a great choice for the United States.

“Women carry so much every day, including us for nine months,” Pharrell said. “Don’t we call the planet Mother Earth?” he told the crowd gathered at the Coastal Credit Union Music Park at Walnut Creek amphitheater.

How to win votes 101

It’s obvious that Pharell Williams, which doesn’t have any connection to politics, had a large appeal to the crowd, managing to discuss gender during the event, something which Hillary Clinton avoided.

However, this wasn’t the only aspect he discussed while on stage. Controlling nuclear codes, a very sensible issues, was also covered by the artist’s speech.

“For once, I’d like to see it commanded by a woman who knows what it’s like to physically bring a life into this world … before she decides to take millions of them out,” he added.

As for Bernie Sanders, he also made the case for the Republican nominee, claiming that she would raise the minimum wage, advocate for equal pay for women, as well as paid family leave, and address global warming.