Hillary Clinton Sharpens Attacks on Republicans Over Women’s Issues

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Democratic Party’s presidential aspirant Hillary Clinton was in New Hampshire on Saturday to launch the “Women for Hillary” campaign. During the launch she escalated her jabs at all the 16 men who are running for president with the Republican Party. She said that the candidates should take aim on funding for Planned Parenthood, pay equity and family leave.

Hillary 2

Mrs. Clinton has always been a sharp critic of Donald Trump and didn’t miss out on him this time as well. He echoed that Trump has made disparaging comments against women in the past. On his part Trump defended himself by saying “I cherish women”

“If it’s all the same to you, Mr. Trump, I’d rather you stopped cherishing women and started respecting them,” said Hillary who also took fault at Jeb Bush, Rand Paul and Marko Rubio who all said in August they are not sure they need a billion dollars to solve women’s health issues.

On a video released on Saturday Clinton said she is tired of women being “shamed and blamed.” New Hampshire Governor Shaheen said Clinton is likely to stand proud with women. She added, “I will guarantee you that Hillary Clinton is never going to defund Planned Parenthood.” On Saturday Clinton said that the women issues that she has always championed are core economic issues.