Hillary Is No Help

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Hillary Is No Help

Of all the things that Hillary Clinton champions, she has rally fallen short when it comes to the problem of the big banks. It’s so obvious we need regulations and to break up the big banks that it isn’t even worth debating, however, Clinton, with all her resources and intellect can’t see joining the sane effort to put the banksters in check.

Clinton made a statement that that she wouldn’t be pushed by any liberals in the Democratic Party that would push for a breakup of the big banks or even the reinstatment of the Glass-Steagall law that separated commercial and investment banking.

Her exact statement was, I think it’s a more complicated assessment than any one piece of legislation might suggest.”.

To bolster her argument, Clinton focused on the fact that it just wasn’t the big banks that were involved but other entitites as well. Mortgage companies, non-commercial banking entities, and insurance companies all had a hand in it to name a few. She also brought up the Dodd-Frank legislation that is geared toward remedying the situaton with new regulations.

Clinton also added to her viewpoint, “So I am not interested in just saying there is one answer to the too-big-to-fail problem, we have a too-big-to-fail problemstill and we have to figure out the best way to address it and I’m going to be talking more about that.”.

Critics could say that Clinton is sidestepping the issue to gain more leverage with the banksters for whatever plans she and her constituents have in store. The primary issue is that all the industries, banking, real estate, insurance, all got bailed out twice and are still engaged in the same practices that almost destroyed the American and global economies. The proper safeguards still aren’t working and lawmakers have been dragging their feet. The Republicans spent tons of money, effort, and time, investigating Clinton for Benghazi and her emails, when those resources could have better been allocated to reigning in on the banks.

Clinton is sounding like a typical politician. Avoid and double-speak and add a more complicated way of resolving a problem that is overwhelmingly apparent as criminal and unethical.

Her competition for the Democratic nomination, Sen. Bernie Sanders has been rampaging about the big banks as well as former White House cabinet Secretary Robert Reich who has spent enormous amounts of effort laying out how to solve the problem in a simple manner, but Clinton could apparently care less.

Overall, it looks like Clinton doesn’t want to lose the support of the banksters before the election. In the meantime she’ll be cutting side deals with them along the way if she does get the nomination.

Politics as usual.

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Greg Boone, a native New Yorker, has worked for such companies such as the Gannet News Service, TimeWarner, America Online to name a few. Boone also works in the field of regenerative medicine, covering the frontiers of stem cell research and treatments for the past 10 years.