Iowa Poll Suggests Dangers for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s Strengths

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iowa poll
iowa poll

The most respected pollster in Iowa is Ms. Selzer and when she talks people listen. On Saturday night she released her findings and some candidates are on the losing end while others are gaining steadily. Republican billionaire candidate Donald Trump’s popularity has increased and there s more suggestion, based on his favorability, that his lead will increase. Democrats polling on the other hand has seen Hillary Clinton’s lead shrink by 7 percentage points over Senator Bernie Sanders.

After Labor Day both parties are entering serious phases of their campaigns. According to Ms. Selzer, there still so much room for candidates to move up and down. However, the late summer polls conducted for Bloomberg Politics and Moines Register is likely to concentrate the minds of candidates.


Donald Trump, who was the primary choice of caucus goers in the Republican Party, was favorably viewed at 61 percent against 34 percent in May.

Business oriented establishments in the Republican Party were in favor of Trump and not Jeb Bush in a 30 to 16 percent poll.


Hillary Clinton had a drop in Democratic caucus goers by 20 percent while Mr. Sanders had a 25 percent growth.

Joseph R. Bidden hasn’t said he will run yet but polled at 14 percent. In case he doesn’t run his support will be equally split between Mr. Sanders and Mrs. Clinton.

Mrs. Clinton’s support among likely Democratic caucus-goers dropped 20 percentage points from Ms. Selzer’s previous Iowa Poll in May; Mr. Sanders’s support grew 25 points since January.

There is still more room for improvements and a lot to take play in the race even as the candidates head into the tougher phase of their campaigns.