The nuclear deal, put into effect by Obama

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iran nuclear deal

The Iran nuclear deal was finally signed by President Obama this Sunday, finally putting the international agreement into effect, according to Fox News.

By this, Iran is now free to make major changes to an undeground nuclear facility, an uranium enriching site and a heavy water reactor. Still, they need a few more months in order to meet the goals of the deal, in order to have the economic sanction finally lifted.

October 18 is now known as “Adoption day”

After the nuclear deal was signed, this Sunday remained known as “Adoption day”, as stated by the same source, requiring the US and other countries participating at the seven-nation deal, or the Join Comprehensive Plan of Action, to make all the necessary arrangements for implementation.

“Today marks an important milestone toward preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon and ensuring its nuclear program is exclusively peaceful going forward,” said the president after signing the nuclear deal.

“I welcome this important step forward. And we, together with our partners, must now focus on the critical work of fully implementing this comprehensive resolution that addresses our concerns over Iran’s nuclear program,” he added.

Iran remains under the direct supervision of the UN

The United States administration said this Saturday that Iran should do its best work quickly and correctly, as it’s in their interest. Also, until the Middle East country won’t compile with the terms of agreement of the nuclear deal, which will be verified by the United Nation’s International Atomic Energy Agency, the country will still suffer from penalties.

Ali Akbar Salehi, Iran’s atomic energy chief, declared this Sunday that the country is ready to start making steps in order to comply with the terms of the nuclear deal, as they’re looking forward to beginning the process this week or next week.

  • Dietcontent

    Thanks for giving Iran nukes. What a joke of a president

    • Peter Tobias

      You misread, Dietcontent. Iran has agreed to thorough inspections that it does not develop a nuclear weapon. In return, economic sanctions against Iran are lifted.
      . . . The joke of president was the predecessor who invaded Iraq on twisted intelligence and strengthened its neighbor, Iran. What a disaster.

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