It costs $150K per day to protect Barron and Melania Trump

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It’s no longer a secret that Melania Trump decided to remain in New York, at the Trump Tower, alongside her son, Barron, instead of living with the President at the White House. Of course, this means that an insane amount of security was placed around the tower, in order to keep them safe. After all, we’re talking about the First Lady here!

The NYC budget is seriously affected

However, the amount of money city taxpayers are spending daily, in order to protect Melania and her 10-year-old son is absolutely ridiculous.

According to Patch, citing the updated figures released by city officials this week, the NYPD and FDNY security detail cost around $150,000 per day.

For example, Barron is escorted each day to and from his home, between 56th and 56th streets, to the Upper West Side private school, as well as Columbia Grammar and Prep, on 93rd street. Everything is done by an envoy of NYPD officers and Secret Service agents.

And Melania Trump says that she doesn’t plan to stop this ‘daily commute’, as she and Barron will stay in Manhattan at least until June, when her son will finish the school year and they will eventually visit the White House a few times.

As for Donald Trump, he has been a constant presence at the White House, ever since he took up residence, last month.

Donald Trump living in NYC would make these costs significantly increase

As a side note, if he decides to visit Barron and Melania Trump in NYC, the average security costs will be around $308,000 per day.

According to James O’Neill, head of NYPD, the city already spend $24 million to protect Trump Tower, from Election Day through Inauguration Day, while Donald Trump was still living in Midtown.