Jeb Bush to cut Campaign salaries due to slow fundraising

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Jeb Bush to cut Campaign salaries due to slow fundraising

New campaign finance report as shown that fundraising machine slowed to a more middling pace and the candidate hasn’t been raking in cash as expected thereby making him slash hundreds of thousands of dollars in salaries over the last three months.

He’s no longer able to raise unlimited sums with his super PAC, Bush was able to haul in $13.4 million in the third quarter of the year for his campaign. That’s more than all of his GOP rivals except Ben Carson. But Bush has also spent more than most of them, leaving him with about as much money in the bank as Marco Rubio. Ted Cruz has more.

Bush’s campaign manager, Danny Diaz, issued a lengthy, data-packed memo Thursday that announced the fundraising numbers and pointed to early state media reports showcasing the strength of the campaign’s ground game.

“We have hundreds of volunteers who have already committed they will travel to the early states to turn out the vote for Jeb,” Diaz stated in the memo, boasting of the campaign’s “micro-targeting” efforts to find Bush voters in a “database of approximately 260 million individuals with about 3,000 data points (e.g. hunting interest, magazine subscriptions, online habits, etc.). We also have more than 30,000 tags built off of previous identification efforts and have made hundreds of thousands of calls into early state voters.”

Source : Politico