Michelle Obama sends her first tweet after leaving the White House

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Barack and Michelle Obama are currently enjoying some time off, after eight exhausting years at the White House. Also, now that she has more time, she remembered about her new Twitter account, which she used for the first time since Inauguration Day.

Just a regular tweet, showing some love

Mrs. Obama first tweet was, like expected, a message to her husband, former president Barack Obama, according to Boston Globe.

‘‘Happy Valentine’s Day to the love of my life and favorite island mate,’’ Michelle Obama wrote, sharing her message with her over 7 million followers.

The message was also accompanied by one of the Obama’s vacation pictures, showing just their feet and sand.

On January 20, she announced that she will be taking a break from social media, but now that she’s back, we expect the former First Lady to be very active!

The answer came quickly!

Barack Obama also wanted to respond to his wife, sending a similar tweet.

Right after Donald Trump’s swearing-in ceremony, Barack and Michelle Obama headed to Palm Springs, spending a weekend at their friend and decorator Michael Smith’s home, then went for a few days on the Richard Branson’s private Caribbean island.

Of course, they were constantly followed by paparazzi, but the photographs they took revealed just a relaxed couple, spending some time together.